Guillermo Del Toro über zukünftige Projekte

Del Toro scheint so ein Mensch zu sein der einfach nicht glücklich ist wenn er nichts zu tun hat. Darum hat er auch schon eine lange Liste an Projekten angelegt, die er in den nächsten Jahren verwirklichen will. In einem Interview mit Total Film hat er mal ausgeplaudert was denn nun alles auf uns zu kommen wird. Schade ist nur, dass da leider nix von "At the Mountains of Madness" steht. Ich hoffe mal, dass dies nicht das endgültige Aus für AtMoM bedeutet.

Hier ist alles zusammen gefasst was der der Toro sich aus der Nase ziehen lassen hat:

  • HAUNTED MANSION:  Will definitely not be a comedy. It will be “exciting”, “thrilling” and “spooky”.  GDT and Matthew Robbins have finished the screenplay and will turn it in to Disney.  GDT got to walk on foot through the Mansion and take notes.
  • FRANKENSTEIN: No screenplay yet, describes it as a “daunting” project that is a “peak” to his career, like MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. He has some very daring storytelling ideas for this one, and feels he needs to get better as a director before he can tackle it.
  • DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE: Wants to write and produce this one – not direct.  Is interested in exploring the themes of addiction for this one – specifically likes the concept of feeling liberated as Mr. Hyde during Victorian Times (so definitely a period piece).
  • PACIFIC RIM: “the biggest project I have ever made in scope and ambition…” 
  • THE WITCHES: He is trying to “preserve the pathos and the darkness” of the original work, which is making it difficult to make in Hollywood.  The screenplay is VERY faithful to the original Dahl book.
  • SATURN AND THE END OF DAYS: Screenplay still isn’t done yet – a very challenging story about a boy watching the apocolypse from his bedroom window.  It will definitely be a small, European production.
  • TROLLHUNTERS: I expect this to be an animated film, probably at Dreamworks.  GDT is co-writing the screenplay with Tom Wheeler, who wrote PUSS IN BOOTS.  He is co-directing with Spanish animator Rodrigo Baas.  Will be an adventure movie for kids.  Will feature “real kids”, not movie kids – which I take to mean that he is dumping the typical kid-movie cliches.
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