Farbe und Glas von Xia Xiao Wan

Wenn man diese Komponenten etwas ausgefallener kombiniert erhält man dabei, sofern die nötige Kreativität und das Talent vorhanden sind, diese großartigen Ergebnisse:

Artnet über den Künstler:
Since his early drawings, master sketcher Xia Xiaowan has restlessly been pushing the boundaries of Western traditional realistic painting. His goal, in all of this, has been to explore, by means of expanded and diffracted viewpoints, a new and 'true vision' which goes beyond the principles of physics. Dating back to sketches from the late 80s and early 90s, Xia Xiaowan's subjects are often depicted from unusual angles and sometimes even appear deformed. At the same time, they appear to float in space. In short, over time, his works have increasingly departed from objectivity, realism and a strictly two-dimensional plane. It was from 2003 that Xia Xiaowan's works found their 'true space,' gaining a three-dimensional quality and materially becoming in-air, 'spacial paintings'.

Achieved via an arrangement of glass panes, varying from 14 to 21 depending on the work, glass paint and pencils, the recent works of Xia Xiaowan involve a different pictorial process - a process of analysis, construction and re-assembly of the image that implies a multi-faceted vision and a new psychological approach. Different from sculpture, Xia Xiaowan's suspended paintings are not molded from any rough material and, as the artist says, "despite this overwhelming sense of mass, they still maintain that 'emptiness' of painting or drawing, and that's because these glass works are also the result of mental or emotional projection".

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